Get more out of your agile Jira projects!

With our Jira plugin you can easily account for all work logs recorded in Jira and additionally access many important project and team metrics.

Your advantages with "foreknown for Jira"

Easy installation as Jira plugin

The "foreknown for Jira" plugin is easy to install via the Jira Marketplace and requires little configuration to initially and permanently synchronize projects with foreknown.

More transparency through key figures

Based on the synchronized Jira data, many important key figures on the level of orders, projects, teams, tasks and services are always provided up-to-date for better decisions.

Complete and faster billing

All work logs of Jira tasks become order-related, billable services in foreknown based on rules and can be easily invoiced with the invoice assistant.

Keeping an eye on customer orders

All work logs are assigned to order items and service types in foreknown. The progress of effort and fixed price projects can thus always be tracked.

Essential Features in Detail

Transfer work logs from Jira

Projects, tasks, users and work log entries are synchronized directly with foreknown to provide all the data required to generate billable deliverables and up-to-date team and project metrics.

  • Synchronization of Jira projects, tasks and users
  • Direct transfer of Jira and/or Tempo work log entries (via webhooks)
  • Identification and transfer of important milestones as labels (sprints, epics, labels, ...)
  • Automatic generation of billable services based on rules
  • Direct update of all KPIs on order, project, team, performance and task level

For more on the Jira integration, see Connecting Jira with foreknown in the foreknown documentation.

Transform and invoice Work Logs

With foreknown you ensure that your work logs recorded in Jira are always assigned to the correct orders, order items and service types and can also be billed in this context.

  • Rule-based transfer of work logs created in Jira
    • Manual or automatic generation of billable services
    • Assignment to orders, order items and service types
    • Correction option with regard to actual billable services
  • Invoice assistent for the generation of invoices
    • Selection of customer and associated order
    • Summarization of billable services generated from Jira work logs to invoice items
    • Adding of due amounts from payment plans (fixed price orders) or other additional services
    • Export of invoice as PDF document
  • Generate activity reports for billable services
    • Export to Excel based on individual templates

You can find out more about this under Service Transfer, Managing Services, Exporting Services, Invoice Wizards and Managing Invoices in the foreknown documentation.

Controlling for Orders

In foreknown, orders not only represent the commercial basis between contractor and client, but also serve to constantly monitor success, while the implementation of the requirements stored in the order takes place in agile Jira projects.

  • Controlling view with key performance indicators (KPIs) on order, order item and service item level.
    • Revenue in corresponding currency with target, actual and residual values.
    • Effort in hours with target, actual and remaining values
    • Progress measured by completed order items
    • Billing measured by invoiced services / payment plan entries
    • Plan deviation measured by all over- and underbookings on order items
  • Other key figures at order and service item level
    • Billable, non-billable and open hours
    • Billing rate
    • Average hourly rate

You can find detailed descriptions of the KPIs in the documentation under "Functions / Quotations & Orders / Controlling".

Project Controlling

In foreknown, customer orders have our special attention and therefore order items for implementation are assigned to projects synchronized from Jira to keep track of their progress.

Project controlling on order level: All important KPIs are displayed per order item on the project.

  • Effort in hours with target, actual and remaining values
  • Progress measured by completed order items
  • Billable, non-billable and open hours
  • Billing rate
  • Average hourly rate

Controlling on task list and task level: With the filter options of the task management, many important key figures can be queried in the context of the filtered and individual tasks.

  • General key figures
    • Sum of maintained story points
    • Sum of target/actual efforts
    • Billable and non-billable working hours
  • Performance related KPIs
    • Currency-dependent KPI boxes
    • Actual effort with billable and non-billable portions
    • Invoicing rate
    • ø Std. rate
  • Key figures for working hours not yet transferred to services

You can find more information under Manage Order Positions and Task Controlling in the foreknown documentation.

Team Controlling

Allows team managers to easily query all important key figures for selected observation periods at team and employee level.

  • Time recording (degree of completeness of Jira work log entries)
  • Absences (vacation, sick, overtime reduction, other)
  • Workload (overtime and undertime)
  • Billing rate (plan-actual comparison, degree of target achievement)
  • Order rate (plan-actual comparison regarding booked services for sales orders)
  • Turnover and ø hourly rate from all billable services

All key figures can be queried by team manager with one click. More information can be found under Team Controlling in the foreknown documentation.

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Data Protection & Security

With foreknown you can manage sensitive and personal company data. Therefore, it is important to us to comply with the highest data protection regulations and security requirements.

  • All servers are operated in Germany.
  • Hosting of servers is done by a ISO-certified, German company.
  • GDPR compliant operation is ensured.
  • The data transmission is encrypted via SSL.
  • Passwords are encrypted according to the highest security standards.
  • Sensitive documents such as offers, orders and invoices are encrypted.
  • All data is encrypted at rest.
  • Backups are performed daily and are encrypted.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

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