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foreknown provides the information that successful companies need.

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foreknown for Jira

With our Jira plugin you can easily account for all working hours recorded in Jira and additionally access many important project and team metrics.

foreknown for Freelancer

foreknown supports you in the management of offers and orders, in time recording and in the creation of invoices and activity reports.

foreknown for Service Provider

foreknown supports you in all phases of your projects, from project acquisition, through comprehensive team and project controlling, to the billing of your services.

Your Business Value using foreknown

Billing completely and faster

All services provided by your employees are billed completely and promptly thanks to improved, automated processes.

Make changes transparent

Based on the change management functionality of foreknown orders your project managers will always keep the overview and can inform customers about all consequenses in time.

Minimize reporting efforts

All working time bookings are automatically assigned to the associated orders, projects, budgets and milestones based on rules and processed as KPIs in live dashboards.

Create higher team workload

With the help of resource planning, your team managers will better utilize their teams and thus achieve higher billing rates.

Data Protection & Security

With foreknown you can manage sensitive and personal company data. Therefore, it is important to us to comply with the highest data protection regulations and security requirements.

  • All servers are operated in Germany.
  • Hosting of servers is done by a ISO-certified, German company.
  • GDPR compliant operation is ensured.
  • The data transmission is encrypted via SSL.
  • Passwords are encrypted according to the highest security standards.
  • Sensitive documents such as offers, orders and invoices are encrypted.
  • All data is encrypted at rest.
  • Backups are performed daily and are encrypted.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

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Product Release 2.6 (CW 36/2023)


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foreknown integrates HR software Personio


With the foreknown 2.2 release, we provide an integration with the successful HR software Personio and thus further expa...

Product Release 2.2 (CW 26/2023)


The new version 2.2 of foreknown further expands our best-of-breed strategy by integrating the HR software Personio.

Product Release 2.1.4 (CW 22/2023)


The minor release 2.1.4 provides a bug fix as well as many explanation videos (currently only in German) for basic forek...

Product Release 2.1.3 (CW 21/2023)


The minor release 2.1.3 provides bug fixes as well as some basic functionality required for the official deployment of t...

Product Release 2.1.2 (CW 17/2023)


The minor release 2.1.2 of foreknown provides the privacy and security related requirements to request an official integ...

Product Release 2.1.1 (CW 13/2023)


The minor release 2.1.1 of foreknown provides small bug fixes and an extended demo data generator for demo accounts.

Product Release 2.1 (CW 12/2023)


The product release 2.1 provides the possibility to create offer and order items without quantity specification.

Product Release 2.0 (CW 9/2023)


With the release 2.0 of foreknown we complete a number of new features around working time management and top it all off...

Is my company on track?


For the management of an IT service provider, it is fundamental to recognize at an early stage whether the company is op...

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