foreknown for Freelancer

foreknown supports you in the management of offers and orders, in time tracking and in the creation of invoices and activity reports.

Why should you use foreknown?

Ensure tax law requirements

With foreknown, you ensure that your invoices always comply with tax regulations and are, for example, consecutively numbered and transparent.

Record services efficiently

With foreknown you can record your services in a timely correct and transparent manner for your customers and document them in clear activity reports.

Appear professionally to customers

With foreknown you create professional, clearly structured offers, orders and invoices and thus you leave a good impression for a better customer relationship.

More liquidity through fast billing

With the invoicing assistant your recorded services are automatically transferred into invoices and can be invoiced to the customer in a timely manner.

Essential functions for freelancers

Below you will find the main features of foreknown that will make your administrative tasks as easy as possible.

Manage Offers

Professional offers can be created based on individually designed templates for both time-and-materials and fixed-price projects with payment schedules, and later converted into orders.

  • Design custom offer templates in MS Word
  • Support of different billing typesaccording to
    • fixed prices with payment plans
    • spend time efforts per service type
    • packages and products
  • Central management of service types
  • Order generation at the push of a button
  • Export of the offer as a PDF document
  • Reuse of offers through copy function
  • Determination of payment plans for fixed price items
  • Manage notes in a chronicle

Learn more about managing offers in the foreknown documentation.

Manage Orders

Create your orders simply on the basis of won offers and thus provide the basis for the implementation, reporting and billing of services.

  • Design individual order templates in MS Word
  • Generate orders easily from offers
  • Versioning for transparent change management
  • Export of orders as PDF documents
  • Manage notes in a chronicle

Learn more about managing orders in the foreknown documentation.

Time Tracking

Record your activities easily and clearly in foreknown and assign them to the corresponding orders / order items.

  • Simple and quick booking via our intelligent worklog field
  • Monthly overview with detailed progress display (target, actual and open times)
  • Consideration of the target working hours, which are stored at the employee contract
  • Consideration of absences due to vacation, illness, ...
  • Assignment of labels for automatic assignment to order items
  • Determination of non-billable services per working time booking

Learn more about tracking worklogs in the foreknown documentation.

Bill all services due

With foreknown you can ensure that your hours worked,  partial payments due and other additional services such as travel expenses are always billed promptly, accurately and completely.

  • Working Hours
    • Definition of rules for automatic assignment of working times (also from Jira) to orders, order items and activity types.
    • Manual or automatic generation of billable services
    • Correction option with regard to actual billable hours
    • Administration and evaluation of generated services
  • Partial Payments from Fixed Price Orders
    • Management of payment plans on fixed price orders
    • Generation of billable additional services based on a list of due partial payments
  • Additional Services
    • Creation/administration of additional services like travel expenses with reference to corresponding order items

Learn more about service transfer, management of services and additional services in the foreknown documentation.

Create Invoices

Create your invoices with the foreknown invoicing assistant based on orders, billable services and payment plans.

  • Invoicing assistant for the generation of invoices
    • Selection of the customer and associated order
    • Consolidationof billable services into invoice items
      • by Order, Order Position and Service Type
      • by Order and Service Type
    • Adding amounts due from payment plans
  • Create individual invoices based on MS Word templates
  • Export invoices as a PDF documents

Learn more about the Invoicing Assistant and the Management of Invoices in the foreknown documentation.

Export Activity Reports

All services on which the invoice items of an invoice are based can be summarized in an activity report and exported to MS Excel documents.

  • Via the "Service Entries" dialog, service entries can be filtered by invoice or other criteria and exported to MS Excel.
  • All exports can be based on individually designed MS Excel templates, managed in foreknown.

Get started now

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Data Protection & Security

With foreknown you can manage sensitive and personal company data. Therefore, it is important to us to comply with the highest data protection regulations and security requirements.

  • All servers are operated in Germany.
  • Hosting of servers is done by a ISO-certified, German company.
  • GDPR compliant operation is ensured.
  • The data transmission is encrypted via SSL.
  • Passwords are encrypted according to the highest security standards.
  • Sensitive documents such as offers, orders and invoices are encrypted.
  • All data is encrypted at rest.
  • Backups are performed daily and are encrypted.

Learn more in our Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

How much will foreknown cost me?

With our "Starter Package" we offer freelancers a very affordable entry into foreknown.


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