The major release 2.4 of foreknown has been published. Below you can find all details about this version:

New Features

  • FKE-240 Order Controlling - Show KPIs also for "Other Positions"
  • FKE-543 Budgets - consider "Other Positions" as well
  • FKE-545 Extend service transfer by search in activity descriptions
  • FKE-546 Show task data in service transfer and services list
  • FKE-547 Rules - Extend filter to include orders, order items, employees and permission groups


  • FKE-528 Services - Filter by order position shows only relevant types


  • FKE-481 foreknown Jira plugin released in Marketplace
  • FKE-487 Implement data protection requirements for Jira Marketplace

Bug fixes

  • FKE-529 Deliverables - KPIs provide incorrect values in certain situations.
  • FKE-548 Finance Dashboard - Turnover for orders with "Other Positions" are 0