Now the time has finally come! Our "foreknown for Jira" plugin has been officially added to the Atlassian Marketplace. In the last weeks we have fulfilled all requirements especially to data protection and are happy to be found now as project and team controlling and billing solution in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Many companies rely on Jira software as an agile project management tool for teams to plan, track, deliver and support software. So do our customers and foreknown as a software manufacturer itself. Because we appreciate the agile way of working according to Kanban or Scrum and the possibility to record all activities directly in the context of the individual tasks.

And exactly this recording of activities in Jira is such essential data for a company, because it results in the services that finally need to be provided and transparently billed on the basis of customer orders.

From Worklogs to Invoices

By providing the "foreknown for Jira" plugin, we enable easy integration between Jira software and our controlling and billing solution. Once the plugin is installed and connected to a foreknown cloud instance, projects with all tasks and work log entries (activity postings), even if entered via Tempo Timesheets, can be automatically synchronized with foreknown.

All worklog entries become activity entries in foreknown's time tracking for each employee and are immediately available for manual or even rule-based automatic service transfer to orders, order items and service types.

In this way, billable services can be created in foreknown within seconds of an employee entering a worklog entry in Jira and consolidated into invoices at the end of the month using the invoice assistent.

Versatile Controlling

Each worklog entry contains so much information that, when processed correctly, provides important insights for project and team managers, for divisional and corporate controllers, and for management.

Project Controlling: Due to the project and task reference, generated services can be run against a project budget and the consumption of the budget, including a forecast progression based on a burn rate, can be displayed on a daily basis. If required, planned and actual consumption can even be checked down to individual tasks. Read also the following blog articles:

Order Controlling: Each worklog is transferred into a service entry that has a reference to an order, an order item and a service type. Therefore, the planned efforts for both fixed price and time & material orders can be compared with the actual efforts down to the individual service types on a daily basis. Read also the following blog article:

Company Controlling: All generated services and entered costs flow into foreknown's financial dashboard, where the controller and management can get a quick overview of all important key figures at company and division level. Also read the following blog article:

Team Controlling: Since all relevant employee data including target working hours, vacation and other absence times, personnel costs can also be stored in foreknown, extensive controlling at team and employee level is provided. Read also the following blog article:


Even if the "foreknown for Jira" plugin shows only few changes in Jira itself, the direct synchronization of projects, tasks and work log entries (also tempo timesheets entries) in interaction with the foreknown cloud solution creates extensive added value. To achieve this added value, only a few preparations are necessary in foreknown.

If you would like to experience these added values once with your own Jira projects, feel free to contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you.

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