Release 2.8.0 of foreknown has been published. Below you will find all the details about this version:

New features

  • FKE-618 Extension of the service export to include project-related data
  • FKE-624 Extended payment terms for customers, offers, orders and invoices
  • FKE 625 Integration of activity reports in invoice templates
  • FKE-626 New template for activity reports (PDF) - direct generation from invoices
  • FKE-629 Support of standard templates, e.g. for optimized invoicing
  • FKE-630 Direct individual and mass generation of invoices in the invoice wizard
  • FKE-632 Service Transfer - Optimized presentation and details switch
  • FKE-634 Optimization of serveral dialog using full-size presentation

Bug fixes

  • FKE-633 Rounding differences for daily rate-based services