A new version 1.2 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all the details that have been provided with this version:

New features

The following new features have been implemented in foreknown:

  • (FKE-103) Widget "Quick Access" with a new Home page, which now also appears in the main navigation.
  • (FKE-8) KPIs for Service Entries (ø Hourly Rate, Booked and billable hours, Billable Quote, Turnover)
  • (FKE-100) Permission Groups in the System Administration (as prerequisition for permissions on upcoming projects in Version 1.3)


The following existing features were changed in foreknown:

  • (FKE-63) Widget "Setup Assistant" - Configuration with Option "Hide" + New dialog "System Administration - Settings", where the Setup Assistant can be reactivated again.


Following chapters have been translated to English:

  • (FKE-96) Getting Started - Setup Assistant
  • (FKE-73) Getting Started - My Profile
  • (FKE-74) Getting Started - Registration
  • (FKE-91) Features / Customers & Contacts / Customers
  • (FKE-97) Features / Human Ressources / Employees
  • (FKE-84) Features / Offers & Orders / Offers
  • (FKE-77) Features / Offers & Orders / Orders
  • (FKE-81) Features / Billing / Service Entries

All missing chapters will be translated within the next 2 releases (4 weeks) in order to complete the English documentation.