The new version 1.6 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all the details provided with this version:

Few Features

The following new features have been implemented in foreknown:

  • (FKE-143) Assign Orders to Project + Order Controlling Data for Projekt Managers
  • (FKE-137) Developed Jira Plug-In Prototyp

Bug Fixes

Following bugs have been fixed:

  • (FKE-136) Load setup wizard data only for account administrators
  • (FKE-148) Drop down menu for payment plans only partially visible
  • (FKE-149) Setup Wizard - Projects - Hide new button for non-project managers
  • (FKE-151) Do not create number range for projects during account creation
  • (FKE-152) Working time bookings to internal projects failed in certain cases