A new version 1.18.0 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all the details about this version:

New features

  • (FKE-244) Enable recording of presence and absence times
  • (FKE-245) Provide a working time account for employees
  • (FKE-282) Release of workdays and support for multiple time entry types
  • (FKE-425) New "Copy Order" function
  • (FKE-428) Enhancement of employee filters and list presentation
  • (FKE-424) Locking of time tracking by employees and team managers


  • (FKE-422) Invoices: Enhancement of invoice filter to include orders
  • (FKE-421) Invoice Wizard: Transfer of the payment date of an order into an invoice
  • (FKE-434) Support more units hour, day, month, flat rate for "Other Position"
  • (FKE-435) Be able to enter payment plan entries with quantity, unit, and unit price.
  • (FKE-432) Status filter for basic rules

Bug fixes

  • (FKE-420) Ensure transfer of quantity and unit price when billing additional services
  • (FKE-419) Documentation regarding "Publicly visible" flag on order extended.
  • (FKE-429) Display error concerning drop-down menu for employee/manager team assignment fixed