Standard Package

We offer fair, usage-oriented prices by differentiating between power users and employees.


An active user with the role "Employee".
€ 0.50
per user / active working day
Maximum €10 per month

Your Advantages

  • Save costs: Employees who are deactivated no longer incur costs.
  • Price calculator: Use our price calculator to determine your individual costs.

Power User

An active user with advanced roles such as "Project Manager".
€ 25
per user / month
Maximum €25 per month

Your Advantages

  • Usage-oriented: Only employees who use more functions cost more.
  • Price calculator: Use our price calculator to determine your individual costs.

Price Calculator

Calculate your individual costs and your return on investment for using foreknown.

How many employees will use foreknown with extended roles such as project manager, team manager, accountant, account manager, ...?
How many employees / freelancers will only record worklogs in foreknown or in Jira?
Power User per Month
0 € +
Employee per Month
0 € =
Total Costs per Month
0 €

If you only invoice more per employee and month with foreknown, the use of foreknown has already paid off for you! 1)

If you only invoice 1 hour more per employee and month with foreknown, you have already saved per month! 1)

1) This calculation was based on an average billable hourly rate of € 80. Furthermore, the advantages of a more efficient work of the power users, which would further improve the result, have not yet been taken into account.

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Save costs - Increase sales

4 reasons why you save costs and increase sales with foreknown.

Increase invoicing rate

Project and team dashboards make KPIs (e.g. the invoicing rate) and plausibility checks (e.g. target / actual comparison of working times) transparent so that incorrect or missing work logs can be identified and rectified immediately.

More transparency - Satisfied customers

Many projects suffer from the fact that effects resulting from changed requirements or conditions become visible too late. Foreknown's change management makes effects transparent for both sides at an early stage, so that no misunderstandings arise.

Invoice faster - higher liquidity

On the basis of the automatic, rule-based transfer of worklogs into service entries and the invoice assistent, the monthly invoicing process is significantly shortened. Services can be billed faster and the liquidity of your company can be increased.

Less administration effort

Recurring tasks of the project and team managers such as the preparation of project status, the creation of activity reports or the preparation of a weekly team planning meeting can be done with less effort with foreknown.

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