The release 2.6 of foreknown has been published. Below you can find all details about this version:

New Features

  • FKE-568: Add functionality for cancellation invoices to invoice templates
  • FKE-569: Allow reactivation of completed orders
  • FKE-572: Management of articles, article groups and additional units
  • FKE-573: Rename "Customers & Contact" to "Company & Contacts

Bug fixes

  • FKE-574: Service transfer with 0 € if position without quantity but with limit was set up.
  • FKE-582: Company area cannot be selected for account manager on offer/order.
  • FKE-585: Copied texts with HTML entities cause errors in offers, orders and invoices.
  • FKE-587: Invoice assistant suggests already billed services under certain conditions.
  • FKE-589: Invoice address with & characters prevent printing of an invoice.