The minor release 2.1.3 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all details about this version:

New features

  • (FKE-488) Implementation of the "Personal Data Reporting API" of Jira as a prerequisite for the release of the Jira Plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace
  • (FKE-521) Invoices - enable sorting by invoice number

Bug Fixes

  • (FKE-517) "Copy additional service" fails for billed services.
  • (FKE-520) Time account shows different values in year view.

Important: With this release it is required that when using the Jira integration in the dialog "System Administration / Apps" for all Jira applications in the edit dialog the new checkbox "Accept privacy notice" must be activated. Otherwise, no more data will be transferred from Jira to foreknown!