A new release 2.0 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all the details about this release:

New Features

  • (FKE-290) New finance dashboard on company level
  • (FKE-255) New finance dashboard for business units
  • (FKE-474) Introduced new role "Authorization Administrator"


  • (FKE-465) When creating additional services, offer only final orders.
  • (FKE-466) Show target/current working times in time tracking in hours
  • (FKE-468) Allow first customer address also with additional address fields
  • (FKE-472) Show weekdays in time tracking timeline
  • (FKE-471) Scrollable time tracking timeline

Bug fixes

  • (FKE-456) Time account calculates first month of time tracking start incorrectly
  • (FKE-467) The last break cannot be deleted in the working time proposal