A new version 1.16 of foreknown has been released. Below you can find all the details about this version:

New functions

  • (FKE-253) Entry of staff costs (salary, additional costs, hourly rates for external providers) possible at the employee contract
  • (FKE-278) Type of employment relationship maintainable at the employee contract (employee / external provider)
  • (FKE-285) Enable management of business areas in human resources for later reporting
  • (FKE-368) Invoicing Assistant - Enable grouping by employee
  • (FKE-378) Invoicing Assistant - Enable no additional grouping and grouping by month
  • (FKE-374) Show booked work hours summarized by project.
  • (FKE-373) Allow task ID and name to be displayed in activity reports
  • (FKE-377) Invoices made extendable by service periods and order data
  • (FKE-387) Base rules can be deactivated for service transfer

New Jira functions

  • (FKE-366) Adoption of Jira task ID as label for task related rules

Bug Fixes

  • (FKE-367) Detail rules - New created label cannot be deleted again
  • (FKE-369) Detail Rules - Change of order assignment is only possible by deleting and creating again
  • (FKE-385) Jira Plugin - Project Label was not created for working time bookings in certain cases
  • (FKE-386) Time Bookings - Download of Excel Template for working time import not possible